The Divorced Woman.

She is an overcomer & an over earner.

She knows who she is. And she knows what she stands for.

She has a game plan.

She trusts herself with money – to generate it and receive it…to spend, save and invest and donate…to use it well for herself.

She trusts her dating choices. She doesn’t need to second guess herself. She knows better than to obsess about the past repeating itself. She attracts better and better partners all the time.

She trusts her instincts. She is a lioness with or without cubs. She is undefeatable.

She knows what she’s doing.

She knows her energy, options and dreams are limitless now. She knows she can always do more to make more.

The Divorced Woman doesn’t need anyone to like her or get her…

She is liberated. Living her mission. In her lane. She shows up on purpose.

And yet, it is clear, she is working with something greater, guided by energy of love and power to deliver her to her destination.

Confident. Empowered. Informed. Flowing. Trusting. Strong.

She is in us all. We see her power, intentions, beauty, love, wealth.

It is time to remember who the f*ck you are, step into who you were always meant to be, to own and embody the most radiant, smart, fantastic and wealthy you.

It’s time to step into your defense and live big. Live boundaryless.

It would be a joy and an honor to welcome you


Reestablish your identity. Feel that you are worthy of your wildest dreams, everything is possible for you, money could never come more easily to you. If you thought that you can’t feel whole after your divorce.  I thought that too. Let’s move toward this: Independence & wealth is who I am, how I live, and what I believe. It’s part of my identity.

Anticipate legal steps. Feel guided through every possible scenario with your kids, money, insurance, home, and assets. Find affordable legal representation. See your position as a tool that amplifies and accelerates you to the best possible legal outcome. It is safe to have more than you think you deserve from a divorce. 

Feel incredible about your financial freedom. Trust your path, your guidance, and desires. Release guilt, fear, and shame. Step into your money-generating power. You are free to choose to have, to create, to go big. Get results. 

Activate a financial plan. Create a real and ideal budget to expand you into your next level. Get clear on alimony and child support. Elevation is always possible. Negotiation is always possible. There is always room to ask for more, earn more, receive more, generate more, save more, spend more and have more to give more. The divorced woman is always positioning herself for her liberated life. 

Understand how parenting plans work. There is no mystery around the love for your offspring. Schedule your parenting around your newfound freedom to get past drama, conflict, and miscommunication. Let’s shift this. Let’s build strategic powerful co-parenting boundaries. I know what happens if not. Let’s shift this. 

Become The Divorced Woman. She lives inside of you. She is unique. She has the world clapping for her. She is aligned with her heart and desires. She gets to design a life that makes her feel protected, loved, and unstoppable. It’s time to know her, channel her, and allow her to take the lead. She is the chosen one. The one to inspire world change.

I am so ready for this!

Module one: Learn Sarah’s process for removing limiting beliefs, re-writing hurtful stories around divorce and co-parenting, healing money energy, and forgiving yourself. In this module, you will learn how to get clear on what you truly want and remove everything in your way of having it.

Module two: Sarah will help you pinpoint the financial leaks and draining money habits that you didn’t even know you had. You will be given practices, ideas, and tips to transform your thought process around money and shift into a state and practice of receiving abundantly. Divorce doesn’t have to be costly, leave you in debt, or leave you panicking. You will find yourself getting more intimate with your money, assets and that of your soon-to-be ex to better prepare for wild spirit money.

Module three: This week is about anticipating your legal process to freedom and abundance. This is about working strategically, smarter, following universal nudges and making sure your rights and desires are protected and secured – legally. I know how confusing this can be for so many – given that I am divorced and a lawyer. This is your guide to finding a qualified good-hearted reasonable attorney, filing, contesting, and defending your divorced woman desires by working the legal steps like a glove on your hand. The divorced woman is not fooled or lost within the system.

Module four: This week is all about setting minimums and maximums around the money, parenting plan, and money you desire to earn, have, receive, be. You are now ready for your next level understand how money through divorce really works. You get to design how you want to parent and/or share your kids with your ex, you get to set emotional boundaries, you get to tap into a bigger life…because you are worthy.

Module five: We take this to a whole new level. We get you to raise your energetic vibrations and standards. Manifesting quickly and living out the principles from this course forever and ever and ever. We collapse time and make quantum leaps with your identity, dating desire list, and multiply your income to get bigger and better.

Hey loves. If you don’t know me. I mean business.

I am renowned thought leader on financial empowerment and crisis management. I founded Sarah Rayhana LLC, a leading strategic advisory firm, with the vision of getting power of impact and money into the hands of goodhearted women who are here to change the world.

In the world of strategic advisory, I am widely known as the, “Spiritual Fixer.”

I am passionate about having a highly engaging social media presence, exclusive seminars and ongoing mastermind for high level women entrepreneurs, and daily free inspirational content, meditations, and trainings distributed across my social media channels…I empower women to “design lives, relationships and businesses they are wildly obsessed with.”

I have written for Mindfulness Magazine, numerous Law Journals and consult with high-earning female CEO’s, Fortune 1000 companies, brands, and occasionally local politicians.

Me and my team of trusted professionals, have the expertise, communication skills, and the legal, political, and business acumen to assist clients facing a wide array of issues and challenges globally.

I am officially a serial entrepreneur who self-taught how to build my first two businesses during law school and started being outspoken about breaking the heartless corporate provision of services. Almost 3 years later, Sarah Rayhana LLC is a rapidly expanding global brand with clients and students in 11 countries. I am so humbled and proud to be one of God’s enlightened chess pieces.

Today, I have fully recovered from the indoctrination I surrendered to and now live my dream life in the beautiful city of Miami. I am a self-made millionaire, online strategic advisor and divine wealth creator dedicated to helping women leave their lies and live in their light.

Sarah Rayhana LLC currently generates between $75k and $150k monthly.

► Seeing your rights and protections through all obstacles and interferences.

Becoming clear and confident in what you want and what you can have.

Creating inner, conflict-free peace around the topic of kids.

Become bold and discerning in your action steps.

Letting things get easier and easier for you.

 Become brilliant at identifying your post-divorce dating patterns.

 Turning any struggle around struggle, hardship, or confusion into wealth and power.

The Divorced Woman innovates solutions in her mind from the way she thinks, processes her emotions, and holds wealth in her intentions. She can turn any problem into a strategy. Everything she does, thinks, believes or says makes her happier. She is the divorced woman.


You are the best in the world with this topic.


I felt like I’d never have a significant other again until I signed up! Now I’m dating left & right and feel so good about the quality of men I select.


This was Epic! I was so vengeful.


I had no idea how to file for divorce. This course helped me understand my options, the system, and how to feel about it all. Sarah makes it so digestable!


I was so negative about my ex paying child support or behaving properly while my kids were with him on weekends. I feel like half of it was me projecting my depression. So many consequences came from me. This course cleared so much up for me. I find myself complaining so much less with the control I realize I have.


After Video 1, I finally straightened my hair and wore a dress after 5 months of separation. The energy inside is so uplifting!

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