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Awakened as F*ck


• Identify and shift all the painful and unhelpful patterns, ideas, and stories that are keeping you from alignment and wealth in your life. Expand your ability to attract the desired money and people into your life.

• Understanding what it means to be awakened and why it’s so important.

• How to create an awakened life filled with miracles.

• Guidance on how to step out of the victim mentality.

• Steps on how to turn your fears (any) into catalysts for success & purpose.

• How to move beyond ego and become willing to forgive and release the people, experiences, and events that taught you that you were less deserving, broken, or small. This reconciliation is IT.

• 5 steps for attracting anything or anyone into your life.

• The missing secret for making the Law of Attraction work every single time. It took me so much time to work it.

• Cleaning and clearing methods to allow miracles to flow in.

• How the universe works. The actual real down to earth truth.

• New perspectives on money, its energy and frequency. Role models. And the power of your consciousness.

• How to re-state complaints into positive affirmations tailored to your heart.

• The role gratitude actually plays in attracting what you want.

• How to co-create with the Divine (God, the Universe, angels – whatever you believe in).

• How to prepare yourself to be awakened.

• How to become an awakened millionaire.

• Integrating my process for awakened relationships (family, friendships, romantic ones too).

 Plus: Facebook Course Community Group: Access to the Class of 2021.
Plus: Awakened as F*ck Transcripts: Each training module has been transcribed for you! If you learn by reading or instead of watching, or you just like to follow along the video or audio, I’ve got you!
Plus: Awakened as F*ck Workbook: This workbook is designed to prompt you and support you and as you dig deep into the course content! It will provide you a lifelong opportunity to set goals and process through your desires. You receive a workbook with each module.
Plus: Transformational homework, countless tools, resources, lessons and principles and aha moments.



 Queen of Her Finances

A bundle focused on helping you prepare and expand your person and business finances to shift your past money experiences, help you get more intimate with you money as if it were your best friend, and use the right investment tools for you and your family.