I started my investment journey a little over four years ago.


I started out buying shares of companies that I absolutely loved and bought from all the time. I wasn’t a confident investor but those first shares definitely changed me.


Today my investment & trading portfolio has exceeded my dreams and is easily generating over $25k each month passively. 


I’ve made a lot of mistakes.

I’ve done a lot right, too. 


My intention is always to be super honest about what steps I took and failed to take to make sure it doesn’t take you as long to stand your ground and find your spirituality in your financial decisions. 


I don’t want you to feel funky about ANY of your money decisions whether it is SPENDING, INVESTING, or SAVING. 


That’s how this training came about. 


I recorded it 6 months ago and the concepts + techniques I share remain still so true. 


In the video I share some of my super favorite info about how to approach investing with your heart and soul and what first steps and simple research you should look at to invest soulfully. 


I don’t want you to feel confused, overwhelmed, or uneasy about your investments. 


In this first video, I will guide you through simple high-return stock selection strategies that can potentially change your life to opening new exciting avenues to wealth creation.


I know by watching this video and answering the questions below the video, that you can save yourself months or even years of contemplation and confusion about the financial markets.


The training is completely free and available now! YAY!

If you…

You desire to earn more money through investing?

You are ready for more meaning and purpose through you money?

You want to make investment fun, easy, and flowing?

More than anything really want to make a different in the world?

It is your dream to be financially prosperous and of high service to the world?