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They fell. They Crashed. They Broke. They Cried. They Crawled. They Hurt. They Surrendered...

But Then They Traded
Money for More Money.

I want you to feel confident that "Trading money for more money" with our powercourse CAN WORK FOR YOU.

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My team and I have one purpose:

To help you move money from your heart to your head.

That is what we're passionate about and that is what our main focus is. We believe that financial freedom should not be attained at near death retirement age. That it can be achieved much much faster by managing and building on your wealth smarter.

A Chartered
Infrastructure Technique

No matter where you are in business, you want to have an impenetrable legal foundation. This is where I will teach you with my chartered infrastructure how you can avoid legal fees while maximizing your money.

  • If you are a new business, I also educate and guide you on how to get everything legalized, organized, and filed from the ground up.
  • If you are an existing business, I educate and guide you on how to audit your current state of affairs and what you need to implement to maximize financial growth and protect your assets and business relationships. This education is not limited to but includes: Chargebacks, collection agencies, lawsuits, contract drafting/revision, negotiation, intellectual property etc. 

Intellect Process

Utilizing my method I show you how to diversify and grow your investment portfolio with a simple strategy. We will do live evaluation analyses together, and tailor this to your specific financial psychology, needs and goals.

Look at the financial markets. An average return in the financial markets ranges between 8-10% while with my method allows you to profit from a return that is 5x the average in 3 months.

A goal without a solid plan is like starting a road trip with no GPS - you’re bound to get lost or make bad turns along the way, costing you time and money.

At the end up of the program, I'm going to make sure you know exactly how to start creating 5-figure earnings for the rest of your life so that you can achieve the revenue you need to build your legacy with more time and more money.

Entrepreneur Wealth Recalibration

You could get a lawyer. Sure! But that’s going to cost you lots of MONEY. Lawyers cost an average of $7600 per case.

You could get a financial investor. Sure! But they make huge commissions off of YOUR investments and don’t pay particular attention to YOUR investments with your hard earned money.

Alternatively… you could work with me where I guide you through the ins and outs of BOTH, so you never have to hire anyone for these ever again. I have 6 degrees, 7+ years of experience and I have helped over a hundred families earn upwards of 30-284% on their investments. It is impossible for you to fail since I do it with you every step of the way. You'll get 1-1 support from me and my team via messaging and calls on a needed basis. Weekly check ins are also provided.

I'm Ready to Start Making my Money Work for Me!

Why Learn From Me?


It's a fair-game question and probably one I would ask as well if I were in your shoes. The simple answer is that I've actually created exactly what you're trying to do!

I've developed a trading strategy that provides me with over $32,000 in passive income. This has given me the greatest time and financial freedom in order to live life on my own terms.

I've been where you are! I've invested over $550,000 in my legal and financial education both inside and outside the classroom. I've accumulated a wealth of knowledge with six degrees and an international background. I've also worked in the financial sector and the legal sector which gives me unique insights into both technical aspects and socio-economic factors that directly affect the markets. I've learned that the traditional way of investing doesn't work for our generation. Been there, done that.

I know what you need to do right now to reach those wealth milestones you need to set yourself and your legacy up for success. Because the thing we crave most about living life are the endless beautiful experiences and memories that we can create with financial freedom!


Over $32,000 in Passive Income Through Forex & Cryptocurrency

✅ More than 100 Clients Helped Worldwide

✅ Actual Full-time Forex, Cryptocurrenty and Stock Market Trader

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Lena J

"The 1:1 was the best investment I made in a while.  I'm 10% in profit today with only 1.5% risk per trade! The coaches were very knowledgeable. Thank you for your education! It is just such a pleasure. It is a process not a race."

Carlo F.

"Can I just say your course is one of the most easy to understand that I've come across. You break things down in a way that's really easy to process and follow. I just need to practice more. The strategies really work!"

Nino K.

"I used to think snipers were only in the military. Now I am a sniper trader. I feel so confident as a trader but also as a person. Especially the Fibonnaci strategy and supply/demand. They are real gem."


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