Do you feel you’ve lost your feminine touch while trying to expand your wealth and health as a woman entrepreneur?

 Have you been reaching milestones in your business, but still feel you are short of what you can REALLY do?

 Do you feel, despite your personal development efforts and energy that you haven’t been able to embody the kind of energy a boss lady has?

 Is your business more than JUST a business to you? Is it your divine purpose? Your passion? Your love?

 Are you ready to energetically and practically allow massive income and influential expansion unlike ever before?

 Are you ready to work with a coach who is already doing the damn thing and regularly earns over $50k a month? Even with cancer?

 Have you told yourself, “One day I am going to work with Sarah…?”

Listen love, I know what it’s like. I spent 11 years in school between finance and law degrees accumulating. I was 27, divorced moving across the world again. I had no idea what I was really going to do, but I knew ONE thing for damn sure:



I worked the corporate life where I was led to believe that total transparency, truth, and soulful listening or conversations were not possible in order to get high on intellectual conversations. Every struggle I have overcome has served me more than anything in my sheer determination to help other women to drop the f*cking struggle. 

I am obsessed with taking it to the next level – encore et encore. 

I have created easy, fun, and approachable systems to earn six figures monthly across my various business platforms. This is just one of them love. I grow my following, my knowledge, and ability to love and be human obsessively too. Why?


Because I am not afraid to sit with my curiosity and God-inspired desires. 




It’s not about me. I was never about me. I absorb information and implement to teach it to you. I got to my next level because I promised God I would teach the same to other women if he made it happen for me. I keep my promises. 

I don’t want the success for myself. I always share it. My team knows this better than anyone. There is more success to go around for everybody. I have the knowledge for divine wealth, expansion and happiness now more than ever. 

I have not opened up my coaching package for over 6 months. I have been taking students randomly from conversations I have in the business lounges of airports or seminars I attend or host. 

I realize that my next level always depends on my promise to God….



Do you want it now?

My mission here is to support you in your desire to:


 Increase your confidence

Raise your Energy 

 Permanently shift your limiting fears/beliefs

 Raise your Standards & Prices

 Plug the Holes in your Money Mindset

 Create/Launch an E-commerce or Digital Course

 Sell the Shit out of your Offer

 Get you to step into your Higher Badass Self

➤ Unlimited sessions with Sarah every month/12 months

 All of Sarah’s digital content for 12 months

 Priority Access to any offer Sarah releases while working together – VIP days, dinners, pre-sale prices

 Unlimited daily Telegram Support


I’m going to be blunt here. If the problem start with you, it is up to you to grow out of it. 

I can’t make you do the work. 

What I can do is: Brainstorm with you, shower you with support, share with you everything I know, empower you, help you release limiting beliefs and ideas around yourself and your business, I can help you get super clear and help you avoid a shit ton of mistakes I made. 

I assign different courses for different phases of your growth process. This helps me tweak on your “AHA” moments in between the sessions. 

As a lawyer, “I cannot guarantee any results” is my first response.


The power is within YOU.


Within the first few weeks of working with me, client have:

 Re-framed their current offers. 

➜ Raised their prices and payment standards. 

➜ Create powerful energetic work flow to instantly find time & money freedom. 

➜ Re-vamp their social media soulful selling methods. Less time online and obvious results!

➜ Create & sell the shit out of their first digital course! (Usually hitting 5-figure launches!)

Start your path to greater wealth

Hey loves. If you don’t know me. I  mean business.

I am renowned thought leader on financial empowerment and crisis management. I founded Sarah Rayhana LLC, a leading strategic advisory firm, with the vision of getting power of impact and money into the hands of goodhearted women who are here to change the world.

In the world of strategic advisory, I am widely known as the, “Spiritual Fixer.”

I am passionate about having a highly engaging social media presence, exclusive seminars and ongoing mastermind for high level women entrepreneurs, and daily free inspirational content, meditations, and trainings distributed across my social media channels…I empower women to “design lives, relationships and businesses they are wildly obsessed with.

I have written for Mindfulness Magazine, numerous Law Journals and consult with high-earning female CEO’s, Fortune 1000 companies, brands, and occasionally local politicians.

Me and my team of trusted professionals, have the expertise, communication skills, and the legal, political, and business acumen to assist clients facing a wide array of issues and challenges globally. 

I am officially a serial entrepreneur who self-taught how to build my first two businesses during law school and started being outspoken about breaking the heartless corporate provision of services. Almost 3 years later, Sarah Rayhana LLC is a rapidly expanding global brand with clients and students in 11 countries. I am so humbled and proud to be one of God’s enlightened chess pieces. 

Today, I have fully recovered from the indoctrination I surrendered to and now live my dream life in the beautiful city of Miami. I am a self-made millionaire, online strategic advisor and divine wealth creator dedicated to helping women leave their lies and live in their light.

Sarah Rayhana LLC currently generates between $75k and $150k monthly.


“Sarah is truly one of the most inspirational women I know. She runs her businesses with such happiness even while fighting cancer. Her energy leaves you feeling like you can do anything…literally anything in the world. When she smiles on our calls, you can’t help but smile with her at all your dreams and desires. Sarah has been life changing for me and all my desires are coming true. I have made peace with my family and starting a business that I only watched other women do on Instagram. It feels mine. It feels real. I’m about to launch soon.”Akhilla Kaviv


“Sarah Rayhana isn’t called the spiritual fixer for nothing! Okay? She has this incredible ability to find the deepest source of your pain, shift it, and hold space for you to live in a beautiful light. She calls it that. I felt it from our first call. She removes all the confusion out of business and makes it as simple and purposeful as ever. I have created my first digital course with Sarah and my launch made me $7,558 on my first week! Everything is clear and concise with her. I owe her everything.”

– Cherie Peters


“I tried writing this section but I keep crying. Sarah took my divorce pain away, she took my parenting to another level. She made me fall in love with my career again even though I wasn’t an entrepreneur. I see my money clearly, lovingly, and I am ready to sign up for her trading academy for more expansion with her. I am just addicted to her energy. I have to be around her all the time.” – Amira Belghazi



If you’ve landed on this page, you’re wondering if this could be for you. 

Listen to your heart. Trust yourself. You are never wrong. 

This is a big investment and I will not force or talk you into anything that doesn’t feel good to you. All I know, is that it is an investment that can take you to the next level, help you realign and set your heart and soul on fire…

It doesn’t matter what I know. 

It matters what you know. 

Put your hands on your heart and ask yourself “is this right for me?”

Take a minute to feel what it would be like to have the support you desire, the money you desire, the life you desire. After all, God put them there for a reason. We make the mistake of ignoring these desires. 

Imagine waking up to a life filled with purpose, passion and love. Imagine having everything you ever wanted, creating a dream life you kept in your head and not in your head.  

Feel all those feelings now. Allow whatever guidance you feel to lead you. 

The answer is coming from you. Whatever signs, symbols, conversations or information come up that help you make a decision. Trust that. You can trust the guidance that you personally witness. 

It’s normal to feel afraid. So feel afraid. And take the next step anyway. 

You don’t have to figure it out on your own anymore. 

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 I am so excited to have you during my next Awakened as F*ck Launch!
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